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What is Step IT Up America

Step IT Up America, a UST Global national program, provides a vital formula to train and employ inner-city minority women. It equips them with the technological skills to launch successful IT careers.


“Technology is the new oil and is at the epicenter of solving our job crisis.”

- Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global


The Grand Vision

To create 5000 new Jobs for Inner City Women and Girls to enter Tech Careers by 2020

Our immediate commitment is to train and employ 1,000 inner-city women in ten of the nation’s largest cities.

Within those cities, the program will reach 50 communities across America to train and employ hundreds of minority women each year.

The Fundamental Social Change

“The desire to create a program that connects to the heart and soul for fundamental social change. Knowing that there are 160,000 IT jobs in our country and that by 2018, the current majority of Americans under the age of 18 will be the minority. How do we build the quality scale? How do you make yourself accountable to minimize the severe gap in the talent pipeline? How do we become the “Change Agent” to involve the business community and build a concrete path for young adults. Let us immerse together to support the young generation for the passion; for the purpose to achieve, desire, and dream.”

- Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global

Information technology jobs, along with other STEM jobs are the largest job creators in America and around the world. Yet women are severely underrepresented in this arena!

As corporations are under pressure for cost and speed for implementing technology, more and more these jobs and opportunities are concentrated on few sectors in the society and in a few countries around the world. We believe this can be changed.

UST Global is investing in recruiting, training, and employing thousand women from inner-cities who display the commitment to attend a community college.

USTGlobal  will work with local community colleges, foundations and civic organizations to identify women who have the desire and aptitude to be successful in the program. The selected women will go through intensive training on several aspects of information technology. They will be trained in advanced visualization, mobility, quality assurance, along with other aspects of Information Technology. We have experts, training curriculum, structure and process to help assess and prepare the candidates. To strike a right workforce and gender equality balance in our professional environment.

How You Can Help? Come Join the Revolution

Show your support by joining UST Global®, Governors, Mayors, corporate industry leaders, and many others for our upcoming public announcement of the program.

Form a Corporate Coalition. Partner with us if you are local foundation or organization focused to advance the cause, or as an individual to make this program a success. UST Global will promise the performance and quality of these young women’s work.

We ask the corporate citizens to give them an opportunity to change their lives.

You can be part of this revolution in several ways:

  • Mentor the students - Serve as a role model for students during training and after graduation for a year
  • Volunteer a trainer within your organization to teach one of the class segments
  • Send us the skills you of which you are most in need so that we may incorporate them into the training program
  • Have a corporate representative serve on our selection panel to help interview candidates
  • Donate funds to help pay for the program
  • Help communicate information about the program
  • Be willing to hire one or more of the graduates 

For more information, contact SIUA@ust-global.com

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